About IUDs

IUDs are the most effective, reversible, easy to use, safe, long term form of birth control available to women of any reproductive age whether they have been pregnant or not. In fact, IUDs are 99.2 - 99.9% effective.

It is a small soft T-shaped device with a nylon string attached. It is inserted into your uterus (womb) during a simple, sterile procedure by a Physician in the clinic.

Some IUDs contain a hormone called progesterone which can reduce menstrual bleeding or stop menstruation altogether. Another type contains copper and is a preferred choice for women who are seeking to avoid hormones. The devices are covered by most health insurance plans but must be inserted by a qualified practitioner.

Copper, Mirena and Kyleena IUDs are all suitable choices for users who cannot use estrogen containing methods including breastfeeding mothers and smokers.

IUD Clinic Langley - Person holding copper IUD in hand

Getting your IUD

Getting access to IUD placement can be difficult as most family physicians do not offer this service. 

You will need a referral from your Family Doctor or a Doctor at a Walk-In Clinic. If you know which IUD you would like, obtain the prescription for your IUS/IUD from the referring doctor.

Please print our referral form, have your doctor complete the form and fax to our office. 

(Fax: 604-372-4586) REFERRAL FORM DOWNLOAD

Please read the Patient Instructions for IUD Appointments and Insertions PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR IUD APPPOINTMENT/INSERTION DOWNLOAD

You will receive an appointment within two weeks of our office receiving the referral form.  Confirm your appointment by calling the clinic 7 days before – Unconfirmed appointments will be cancelled.

Please be aware of our strict Cancellation Policy. ( VIEW HERE )


Cancellation Policy

We require 72 hours notice to cancel, reschedule or change your IUD appointment. You will not be permitted to rebook another appointment until an administrative fee has been paid. This fee is to prevent last minute cancellations and changes to our IUD schedule that could impact other patients. 

Administrative fee for no show or late cancellation of consultation: $100.

Administrative fee for no show or late cancellation of IUD Insertion: $250.